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Euphoriia <yu-fór-ya> is a new band in the world of music, founded by the pianist Rudsel “Rudsi” Comenencia who was once member and studio producer of a few known antillian bands here in Holland and Curacao, such as: Qsign, Dvrse & Prestige, along with Patrick Bakmeijer and Raily Margaritha as road manager and investors, who also played their role in other bands.

EuphoriaEuphoriia consists of a total of 7 musicians. 4 singers: Dave ‘Kilate’ Huerta, Jeanurvine ‘JV’ Felicia, Rigmailine Maduro and Donevan Arion. All of these singers have their amazing background in the music scene of Holland and Curacao. 3 musicians; Rudsi Comenencia on Bass & MD (musical director), Gideon Blege on drums and Greggson Frederica on Keys.

Euphoriia’s main goal is to introduce itself in different genres of music such as ritmo kombina, kizoma, trap, reggea & r&b.
Euphoriia stands for a different raging feeling of happiness & craziness. And this will be the feeling everytime you see Euphoriia performing.

Euphoriia has already released 3 promotional songs. 
An R&B-Kizomba, sung by Kilate
An Ritmo Kombina sung by JV
& A Kizomba sung by Rigmailine Maduro.
Soundcloud Links are available in order:
Euphoriia Feat. Kilate – Skucha Bo Kurason
Euphoriia Feat JV – Lapdance
Euphoriia Feat Rigmailine Maduro – Take Control
Official FB Page:

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